Sunday, November 19, 2017
Jerry Smith

Ali Wright

Father Scott Mansfield

Tim Jonas

Testimonial from Jerry Smith

Name:                Jerry Smith              

Member Since:   1997

 "There is literally something for everybody of all ages. I  love this place!"

What Jerry likes about The Sports Clubs:

-Friendly Staff                    -Close to home, convenient

-Non-intimidating clientele   -Great music!

Testimonial from Ali Wright

Name:                          Ali Wright

 Member Since:            2003

"Everyone is so nice and friendly here."   

What Ali likes about The Sports Clubs:

-Love the camaraderie                -Love the people

-Nice facility                              -Great Equipment

Testimonial from Father Scott

 Name:                        Father Scott Mansfield

 Member Since:            2003

"One of the best things I have ever done for myself  is deciding  to get on an exercise program. I am glad I came to The Sports Clubs!"

What Father Scott likes about The Sports Clubs:

-Staff is always willing to help    -Everyone is friendly

-Equipment is well maintained    -Good friends here

Testimonial from Tim Jonas

Name:                       Tim Jonas

Member Since:          1997

"I was a member of the Powerhouse in San Diego. It had everthing. The Sports Clubs are the same. I get a great work out here!"      

What Tim likes about The Sports Clubs:

-Great Equipment        -Convenient Multiple Locations

-Affordable Prices       -Atmosphere

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